Sunday, May 18, 2014

Veterans Helping Veterans TV, SF VEC Job Fair and VECSM Updates.

May has been a very busy month for us.  We attended and filmed at the San Francisco Veterans Employment Committee Job Fair on Thursday, May 15.
These are 1 minute video highlights from employers like
Bauer I.T.
Durham School Services.
and the San Francisco Police Department.
Also presented is the Chairman of the San Francisco Veterans Employment Committee, Chuck Reed
and the Executive Director of the SF Harbor House, Marcy Orosco

VHVtv presents "JOBS and SERVICES 4 VETS" playlist.

Veteran Employment Committees assist the EDD Job Service Vet Rep staff in providing some work related expenses for job seeking vets. The VEC's are comprised of veterans and military supporters who volunteer their time and talents to help our vets get a job by organizing and presenting Job Fairs.

VHVtv is produced by the Veterans Employment Committee of San Mateo.

VHVtv attended the National Launch of "Vet Cap" at the ViT in San Francisco on May 14. The Vets in Tech is a wonderful organization that encourages veterans to become business entrepreneurs.  Here I am with co producer (R) Jesse Austin.

VHVtv has been a member since the beginning. From one of the first meetings of ViT, at the Adobe in SF,  here is  (L) to (R) Helen Wong, co- producer VHVtv, Joanne Martinez, Sheryl Shaffer and Dottie Guy.

We have created a new channel on Vimeo and here is the link

For our first videos we are uploading to Vimeo, we are introducing all interviews, as separate segments from the U.S. VETS interviews we filmed at March A.R.B. in Riverside during April 2013.  These are award winning interviews and we want to share them with you.

With (R) Erica Gomez, M.S.W., the Clinical Director at U.S. VETS - Riverside.

During January, I was part of the V WISE program in Long Beach.  V WISE means Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship.  It is the encouragement from ViT and V WISE that has convinced us that VHVtv can be turned into a business and we are making that transition.

It is not an easy process to start a business.  Our first step on this journey was when we were invited by Jim Wong and Jim Fitzgerald, Founders of the Acumen Academy, to attend their Small Business Start Up seminar sponsored by State Farm in San Diego in October 2013.  This compelled us to start writing our Business Plan.  This was great preparation and helped with completing the online course that is required before you can attend the V WISE.

V-WISE was a great learning experience and further reinforced the belief that we can turn our concept of VHVtv into a business.  It is a work in progress.

We are grateful and Special Thank You to the AMVETS CA Women Veterans Committee for your sponsorship of the U.S. VETS Interviews and the C.D.V.A. Women Veterans Leadership Conference, San Diego 2013.  18 Veteran Leaders playlist.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Veterans Helping Veterans TV May 2014 Update

Veterans Helping Veterans TV advocates by having a video presence online There is a constant need for assistance from our veterans. How do we provide that?  VHVtv, created in 2009, is the original web tv series, and network platform, produced by veterans to outreach to other veterans online.

How do you use your influence in the world to do GOOD?  We do that by presenting individuals and groups that provide solutions to the many problems facing our veterans.  An example are the interviews we did with homeless vets in recovery at the U.S. VETS in Riverside and we are uploading those as individual segments to our newly created Veterans Helping Veterans TV Channel on Vimeo.

Another important topic is Traumatic Brain Injury.  Our most recent in studio filming was in March with Dr. Maya V. Yutis (R), a Neuropsychologist from the Polytrauma Clinic at the VA in Palo Alto, CA.

VHVtv presents "What is TBI?"

May is Military Appreciation Month and we created in honor of Women Veterans, the "San Francisco Women Veterans Appreciation Day 2014."

This event and production costs were sponsored by the AMVETS CA Women Veterans Committee.

Here I am with one of the guests, Michele Spencer, author of  BAGHDAD Yoga (L).

VHVtv presents "VVA 464 Car Show and Outreach."

The Outreach interviews were with William Boehm of Vet to Vet San Francisco, John P. Pieretti, Ride Captain of the Patriot Guard Riders of San Mateo County, Bill Hodges of VVA Chapter 400 Oakland, CA, Dustin Noll of the Peninsula Vet Center, Rich Brugger, Comdr. of the VFW Post 8750 Daly City and VFW Dist 14, and  Fred Loveland of Wounded Warrior '34 Ford. This event was presented by the Vietnam Veterans of America 464, the Steve Warren Memorial Chapter of Redwood City and filmed at the Veterans Memorial Building in Redwood City.

At the 2013 C.D.V.A. Women Veterans Leadership Conference in San Diego, we filmed 18 interviews. These interviews are in a playlist on our YouTube channel.  Each interview has been uploaded separately and will eventually be uploaded to our new VHVtv channel on Vimeo.

These interviews were sponsored by the AMVETS CA Women Veteran Committee.

Lindsey Sin (L) is the Deputy Secretary of Women Veterans for the California Department of Veteran Affairs.  We encourage all women vets to get registered with the C.D.V.A.

Interviews with Bow Rodgers, CEO of Vet-Tech; Lydia Davey, CEO and Founder of Moriah Creatives PR and Ryan Micheletti, CFO of Portal tell how they started and became entrepreneurs. We encourage veterans to start their own companies.  Filmed in the Media Center studio in Palo Alto in October 2013 is "Vet-Tech."

The mission of VHVtv is to inform, educate and motivate veterans to learn about and apply for benefits. Joining and becoming involved with a veteran service organization is a great way to make a positive impact in the veteran community.

We have revised the Veterans Helping Veterans TV Channel on Placevine.  All our interview segments will be uploaded eventually.  Check us out on Placevine.

We continue our outreach and invite you to follow us on Twitter @VHVtv..

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Veterans making a difference.

Veterans Helping Veterans TV presents interviews with many people who are making a genuine difference for our veterans.  A recent example is an episode "Veterans Leading the Way."

(L) to (R) Luis A. Hernandez, Ben Sok, Sheryl Shaffer and Alfredo Capps.

Interviews with 2 veteran community leaders, Luis Hernandez and Ben Sok.  Luis is a Case Manager for the Goodwill of Silicon Valley and tells us how they are helping homeless vets.  Ben is President of the Veterans Student Organization at San Jose State University and tells us how difficult it is for vets to transition from the military to the civilian world.  The VSO offers guidance to resources available for vets. 

Another example of living a life in service to others is Keith Blackey. Keith is a Vietnam Veteran and tells how he is helping to give peace a chance in a war torn country.  He is helping to re introduce the Scouting program to Afghanistan and they are training the youth to become the future leaders for the nation of Afghanistan.  
Keith Blackey (R)
Keith Blackey is interviewed by Sheryl Shaffer about the Scouting program in Afghanistan and Iraq and the history of scouting in those countries.  Keith Blackey is an Advisor for PARSA Afghan Scouts.

We invite you to watch Veterans Helping Veterans TV, and to meet these veterans who are leading the way and making a difference for others.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Year of the Woman Veteran 2013

Recently, while at the historic AMVETS Post 2 in Culver City, I interviewed two members of the AMVETS CA Women Veterans Committee, Deedra DeCoster (C) and Deborah Rembold (L).

A special Thank You to our on location crew, Jesse Austin and Jennifer M. Crandell.

We discuss the empowerment of Women Veterans and why we joined to make a positive difference through AMVETS.  We encourage all veterans to join and become an active member in any Veteran Service Organization like AMVETS, American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Most of the benefits we receive as vets, were created first as resolutions from V.S.O.'s.

Year of the Woman Veteran 2013 refers to when many combat roles were opened up to military women for the first time in history by the Department of Defense.  The population of women in the military is 15%.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

First Tech Carnival at Candlestick Park.

Went to the first Tech Carnival today at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, CA. 

(L) to (R) Helen Wong, Katherine Webster, Dottie Guy and Sheryl Shaffer.

Thank you Katherine Webster, for putting on such a great event for the Special Olympics.  Everyone had such a great time networking.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Veterans Employment Committee of San Mateo; Vets, Find A Career, Not Just A Job.

Jarom Vahai, Chairman of the Veterans Employment Committee of San Mateo, was a recent guest on the Huffington Post.  The interview was picked up by AOL and Jarom talks about how the military should teach how to transfer military skills to the civilian workforce.

The Veterans Employment Committee of San Mateo,  is a 501 c non profit and is the production company for Veterans Helping Veterans TV.  VHVtv is a public, education and government series produced at the Media Center in Palo Alto, CA.

The purpose of the VECSM, is to help veterans find jobs in the public and private sector. Jarom helps many veterans find jobs with major employers in the SF Bay Area.

The mission of VHVtv is to present guests and groups that provide genuine positive change for our veterans.
Our purpose is to inform, educate and motivate veterans to learn about and apply for potential benefits.  We are volunteers who believe in making a positive difference for our veteran community.

Another member of the VECSM is Helen Wong.  Helen manages the AMVETS CA Career Center in San Francisco.  Jarom Vahai, his service dog Chewy, and Helen Wong were guests

 on the VHVtv episode, "Vets, Find A Career, Not Just A Job." filmed at the Media Center studio in Palo Alto, March 2013.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Flag Day 2013 in Milwaukee, WI"

Veterans Media Services of Milwaukee, in collaboration with VHVtv, present "Flag Day 2013 in Milwaukee, WI."  David Ryba is Host and Founder of Veteran Media Services. Well, the Fireworks in Milwaukee might of been a dud due to weather problems, but this past Flag Day 2013, June 14, was a big hit.  WTMJ 4 Chief Meteorologist John Milan was on hand to host the 4th annual Flag Day event at the Marcus Center for the Preforming Arts.  Rev. Ray Stubee, Joe Campbell, and Dr. Ken Lee from the VA Spinal Cord Unit are just a few guest speakers at this years edition.  It was a great event, but don’t take my word for it.